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about pop of culture

Pop of Culture was founded in 2019 by Nyema Igwe, a young and ambitious entrepreneur who is passionate about supporting small businesses and creating memorable experiences.  Her goal is to unite the best small fashion, beauty, art and lifestyle brands that embody various cultures, create unique consumer experiences, provide resources that uplift and strengthen brands,  and establish a global platform that celebrates the stories and accomplishments of creatives and entrepreneurs around the world.

Through Pop of Culture, brands enjoy increased brand awareness, customer engagement, sales, resources, and fruitful networking opportunities while our patrons enjoy a fun shopping experience. It is a win for everyone!​ 


We travel to various cities because we want the brand to be enjoyed by all, instead of being associated with only one city or region.  By hosting popups and events in different cities, Pop of Culture is providing opportunities for a greater number of small businesses, learning about different markets, and building a global community.

Founder, Nyema Igwe