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About Us

celebrating and supporting black entrepreneurs and creatives

Welcome to Pop of Culture! We appreciate that you are here and showing interest in who we are and what we do. 

who we are

Pop of Culture is a community built for Black entrepreneurs and creatives, especially those in the fashion, beauty, home, art, lifestyle, and food industries.  We organize social events, such as popups, networking events, and exhibitions, and provide resources that encourage networking and business growth. Our mission is to create an  ecosystem, centered around business and entertainment, that provides superior value and opportunities for those within it.

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Karissa Goncalves

our values



 We act with fairness, transparency, and honesty in all that we do.



We put our whole hearts and minds into being the best we can be in order to push the mission forward.



 We focus on meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of the brands and communities we serve.



We take risks and act innovatively.



The work we do will always be "fun with a purpose".



 We consistently strive for and achieve excellence.



 We understand and value the power of collective ideas and action.

our vision

To uplift and strengthen small brands, provide unique and memorable experiences, and create a global community of Black entrepreneurs and creatives that fosters collaboration, growth, and prosperity.

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Nyema Igwe

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Founder & Executive Director

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