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Check out what some of the feedback we have received from brands that have participated in our popups!


When asked if the fee was worth it.......

"Yes the fee was fine and it was very stressful balancing the trip with work, and having to drive but it was worth my time. The exposure, the connections made, the people met, the new customers and potential customers. Everything was worth it and as an entrepreneur means the grind is always required no matter what."

- Somi, Made By Somi ( 1st NYC Popup - 2019)



When asked if they would participate again...

"Yes! I’m in for all of the NY ones lol"

- Shec, NOMINATED (NYC Popup - 1st NYC Popup - 2019)


"amazing vendors"

When asked what they thought about the quality of the vendors....

"Amazing vendors. It was very diverse. Some vendors though I felt were just selling things just to sell, I didn't sense that it was a passion for some but rather a quick way to make some cash.. But i could be wrong."

When asked if the time and fee was worth it...

"I think so. My time, yes as I'm exposing my business to others. The fee was ok. Not too bad."

-Natty Nurses (2nd NYC Popup 2019)

"i would do it again."

When asked if they would participate again.....

"I would do it again. I think it's good brand exposure and good to meet different people. I'm reluctant to spend all the money to go out of town if people just shop the brands they know and the one's that drew them there like the Columbus Pop Up."

- Tone Bekka (Columbus Popup)


"Yes, i would."

When asked if they would participate again.....

"Yes, I would. I think getting to understand the Atlanta market is tricky but I like that you are doing."

- Anonymous (ATL Popup 2019)



When asked what they thought about the POC staff....

"Very helpful. Maybe a little demanding on our first interactions, but definitely pleasant after that. Greeted guests and vendors at the door on the day of. Warm."

-Anonymous (ATL Popup 2019)

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