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brand prizes

brand prizes

brand prizes

are you ready to win with pop of culture?

At all of our lifestyle popups, art fairs, and artist showcases this year, participants will have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes! See below some of the base prizes and keep checking back as we update them as we secure new partnerships.

-lifestyle popup-

At our lifestyle popup shops, brands can stand the chance to win prizes such as free billboard ads, marketing and business resources, radio/podcast interviews, free participation in future popups, gift cards, blog features, POC merchandise, free lifestyle products, and MORE!


The winners are chosen based on their brand setup and overall impression at a popup and most of the voting comes from the shoppers.  That means bring your A game and be CREATIVE and big on aesthetics when it comes to your display.

-talent palette-

At our artist showcase nights,  participants can win cash prizes, free coaching, free marketing/advertising, free studio time, free equipment, radio/podcast interviews, blog features, free POC Merch, and MORE!


The winners are chosen by the audience in attendance!

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