brand prizes

introducing prizes to reward brands that popup with us!

We challenge brands that popup with us to bring their A game in every way.  We have décor/setup guidelines that encourage them to think outside the box and come up with a creative display that is true to their brand.  We also want brands to ENGAGE with people who come in and really make the most out of the experience.  

Starting from our July Brooklyn popup shop and moving forward, three brands at each popup will have the opportunity to win the following prizes.  


-FREE 24 hour digital billboard (in respective city), made possible by our sponsors at E&J Media 

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-FREE one day participation in a future POC event **restrictions apply**

-Brand of The Week Blog and IG feature


-FREE two day participation in a future POC event **restrictions apply**

-$100 VISA Gift Card

-Social Media Recognition


-$75 VISA Gift Card

-FREE POC tote bag

-Social Media Recognition

judging criteria

Here is the general overview of how we select the winners:


-Is it creative, out of the box, and relevant to your brand? 

(For this, the POC team looks at attention to detail, how well you've displayed your products, whether or not you stayed within the allocated space, and we also ask shoppers what their favorite brands were.


-How well are you engaging and being active at the popup? 

It's one thing to have a great display, but that is only part of your whole brand. What overall impression are you leaving on the shoppers?

(For this, the POC will take note of what we see but the biggest deciding factor is direct feedback from shoppers and their honest feedback on which brand was most memorable to them).

For every popup, we will take into consideration feedback from shoppers, but to avoid bias due to people showing up and voting/interacting with just their friends or family's brand, the notes/observations from the POC team will also be part of the decision making process.

Please note this is meant to be a fun way to reward brands and make the shopping experience more attractive. We WILL NOT tolerate any negative feedback/comments towards the POC team and/or other brands.  Every brand that participates is DOPE and these prizes don't take away from that.