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“Create the Culture” is a collaborative project in which we work with talented Black artists all over the world to create limited edition merchandise collections.  Each collection will be art directed by our founder, Nyema, and brought to life by various artists.  For those who have been following our brand, you know that we strive to support Black entrepreneurs, creatives, and communities in various ways.

This project will give Black illustrators from around the world an opportunity to test their skills, grow their audience, and generate some income, which is very needed during these times.  With our founder being both Nigerian and American, we are using this project to address some of the issues that are at the forefront in both countries.  Therefore, for the rest of 2020, a percentage of the profits from each collection will be donated to organizations of our choice that are part of the BLM movement in America and the fight against sexual violence and rape in Nigeria.  After 2020, we will continue to support these kinds of organizations but will open up to organizations that are related to other issues affecting Black people around the world, other minorities (in the U.S), and women.

The first artist we are working with is Princella Seripenah. She is a 21-year-old self-taught digital illustrator born and raised in Accra, Ghana.  Currently, she is a medical student living and studying in Russia.  Her passion for creating started at a young age and has been a constant part of her life since.  Heavily inspired by the beauty of Black culture, she creates art mainly for Black people while still spreading and encouraging love, peace, confidence, and positivity to all.  


Princella Seripenah

Our first collection is themed "Black Girl Magic".  This collection features original artwork that depicts Black women as powerful, proud, and beautiful. 

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