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become a POC BRAND

We take pride in saying that we only work with quality brands that offer unique and well-made products.  We accept the following types of brands:

Women's & Men's Fashion





(headwear, jewelry, eyewear)

Women's & Men's Beauty

-Hair care products (no hair extensions)

-Skin care products 


Women's & Men's Lifestyle




-Luggage/Travel bags



-Photographs/Digital Art


We also accept FOOD BRANDS (depending on the city).

Please fill out the form below and you will hear back within one week.  We take the time to review each brand in order to make sure that they are a good fit for Pop of Culture.

Please note that your spot is not confirmed until you pay the invoice and sign the vendor agreement that will be sent to you once your submission has been accepted.


Pop of Culture DOES NOT normally provide tables. Always plan to bring your own table.  However, sometimes the venues we work with come with a limited amount of tables available.  They are first come first serve. If that is the case, we will ask if you need a table.


Fall/Holiday dates to be released soon


(limited spots for each city)


Los Angeles - May 2 & 3 / August 8 & 9


One Day- $155

Two Day- $305

New York City - May 16 & 17


One Day - $165

Two Day - $320

Chicago - June 6 & 7


One Day - $175

Two Day - $340

Miami - June 27 & 28


One Day - $165

Two Day - $320

Atlanta - July 25 & 26


One Day - $180

Two Day - $350

Oakland - August 22 & 23


One Day - $165

Two Day - $320

When you're filling out the form below, please select which cities you want to participate in AND if you would like to participate in one day or both.


Thank you!

Which cities do you want to attend?
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