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If you're reading this, that means you're excited to learn about our new Brand of The Week. Our last BOTW post was in February and we interviewed a wonderful skincare/beauty brand (if you haven't read it, click here). Today's post is highlighting another amazing skincare/beauty brand called Diämondé and the founder, Diamond Norman. Diamond popped up with us at our first Houston popup shop last year and her products were and still are BOMB!

Read on to learn more. Enjoy!


Diamond Norman

In May 2019, Diamond officially launched her beauty brand, Diämondé, with much excitement and optimism about what it could become. Even though she launched one year ago, the vision was in the making for quite some time. Diamond worked in the beauty industry for 4 years, as an Operations Manager at Sephora and Clinique Counter Manager at Ulta. Her time at Sephora is when her love for skincare blossomed and when she first started imagining what it would be like to have a beauty brand. Whenever new shipments came in, she would study the back of bottles and boxes, looking at the ingredients used in the skincare products. Her research would continue at home and she became obsessed with learning about natural ingredients, skin types, and how taking care of skin actually works.

Diamond's time at Sephora was an a nice "nudge", but her time at Ulta was what pushed her to birth the idea that would later become Diämondé. When Ulta stopped carrying a body oil she liked, she thought to herself, "I can make this myself and when I run out, I'll just make more." So, she did just that. She started making body oils for her own consumption, and soon after, her friends and customers started asking what she was using on her skin. It was then that she knew she could turn her hobby into a business. She stopped ignoring the fact that when she was at Sephora she was not happy, and Ulta was not any different. For her, the more she worked on making products and doing research, the more she wanted to leave her job and dedicate time to growing her business. So she left her full time, with benefits, decently paid job and became a freelancer so that she could spend more time on her brand and "transition out of working for someone else and making them richer. "

"Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you."

Pursuing a new business venture was not easy for Diamond and forced her to do and view things differently. First and foremost, she had to get rid of self-doubt. Many of us can relate to this, on different levels. Questions such as "What if I don’t get any sales?" , "What if this is all for nothing?", and "What if I don’t have enough money?" begin to creep into our minds and try to scare us into giving up. At some point, Diamond did give up because she was putting so much money into the business and was not seeing any significant return. This left her feeling defeated. But one day, her father asked her, "Do you want this to be a hobby or a career?" And in that moment, Diamond knew she had to go harder and keep trying. She started learning how to differentiate her brand from others in a saturated market, how to best utilize social media, and how to use effective marketing strategies to increase sales. These, amongst others, are skills she had to learn by herself and is improving upon every day.

She also learned how to manage her time and balance her work and personal life. In addition to being a budding entrepreneur, she is a freelance brand representative and interior design student. She also has other creative hobbies such as painting and party planning. Making time for activities and people that make her happy and "refill her cup" are important. Some of those people include her group of friends and family, who she considers her team, who have been very supportive from day one. Her parents and sister have chipped in to buy her some essential business and branding items and her friends act as her models and brand ambassadors. Regardless of vocation, I know we can all attest to how valuable it is to surround yourself with people who support you and GENUINELY want to see you win.

On June 1st of this year, Diämondé celebrated it's one year anniversary and we couldn't be more proud. Since their launch last year, they have grown their customer base and added new products to their line up such as body washes, lotions, and exfoliators. They also recently launched their men's line of skincare products!

When asked how she sees her brand in the next 1-3 years, Diamond said she will continue growing in sales and product development. She hopes to soon get to a point where running Diämondé is her only job and she can hire a team of people to help her push the brand forward. She dreams of her brand becoming a household name and being sold at major retailers. Anything is possible and I am certainly rooting for her!

Even though Diamond is still a new entrepreneur, her experiences have taught her valuable lessons and tips and she would like to share them with you all. They are as follows:

  1. Just start. Get out of your way and and don't wait for validation from society, friends or even family.

  2. Stay in YOUR lane and stop comparing yourself to others. Your journey is yours and yours alone. Embrace it.

  3. Talk less, do more. Don't be in such a hurry to reveal everything you're working on. Let the work speak for itself, when it is ready.

  4. Do your research. Proper planning and preparation is a MUST!

  5. Ask for help. It is okay to admit when you don't know what you're doing and ask for help from people who can offer valuable assistance. If you can, get a mentor.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Diamond's story. She was a pleasure working with at our Houston popup last year (see pics below) and I can't wait to have her at another one!

Be sure to check out her website, buy her products (they're FABULOUS), and follow her on Instagram.

Until next time,




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