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Brand Of The Week: Fresh Face Beard Care

Hello and welcome to Black Business Month! We're excited to bring you this week's Brand Of The Week featuring Fresh Face Beard Care. This Atlanta based company creates all natural grooming products for bearded men and the women who love them. They won first place at one of our 2020 Atlanta popup shops for having a simple, yet creative and on-brand display (see pics below) and won themselves a week-long BOTW feature!

Are you ready to learn more about this dope brands? Let’s dive right into it!

Ariel Sellers, a mom of 4 and a Miami native living in Atlanta, is the Boss Babe of Fresh Face Beard Care. She has a passion for things that smell good, and all-natural skin and hair products. With a masters of science degree in healthcare informatics and having worked the past 6 years as a software implementation analyst, Ariel decided to turn her creative pastime into a brand.

Due to a cogent need by her fiancé, Fresh Face Beard Care was born. They both had tried different beard care brands and were either underwhelmed by the quality of the products (some even smelled like house cleaning products) or put off by the poor customer service. After trying several different brands to no avail, Ariel decided to make her own grooming products for her bearded beau. She wanted to make him something that would be “effective, weightless, chemical-free, and aromatic”. With this in mind, the luxurious, yet affordable and convenient, beard and skin care experience called Fresh Face Beard Care was born.

Two of the main obstacles Ariel faced when starting her business during the pandemic were sourcing supplies for her products and shipping them on time to her customers. But as time went by and the pandemic restrictions eased up, she found her footing. What kept her motivated and on the right track was her desire for men to take their beard and skin care more serious and take pride in their routine. Ariel stated that "we take pride in encouraging men, and their loved ones, to achieve optimal wellness by beginning with improving how they care for themselves and feel about themselves with our amazing-smelling, vegan grooming products.” And it's not just the men she wants to reach, but the women in their lives too. She wants other women to be "encouraged to love their bearded beau by advocating the start or transition to a natural skin and beard care regimen, or better yet, take the initiative to start one for him!”

This brand was built on a lot of research, dedication and intention. From their shopping experience to customer care, every step was carefully thought out. Ariel told us that after thorough testing, she launched their signature beard care set, including the hydrating serum and nourishing beard butter, in five natural scents made from essential oils. Since then, they have expanded and added requested products and styling tools, such as their exfoliating beard co-wash and beard brushes.

Of course Fresh Face Beard Care isn’t the only beard care brand out there. So what makes them stand out? First, they claim to have the best smelling products on the market (buy their products and tell us if you agree). Second, not only do the products promote facial hair growth, they also promotes togetherness, relaxation and heightened intimacy. Their cologne-quality, exotic fragrances are made from organic essential oils that provide benefits to facial hair and skin, as well as moods and libido. Third, all of their ingredients are organic and plant based. This means that your skin will be healthy and happy, and all the ingredients are ethically sourced.

Fresh Face Beard Care is only two years old and they have no plans of stopping any time soon. They want to continue to expand their product line, attend more popups and events, and build a community around their brand. We asked Ariel to share some advice for new and aspiring entrepreneurs and she said, "stay committed to your vision for your brand and take your time and do your research. Don't rush to put something out just to say it's done. Be diligent with defining your target consumer and building content that appeals to them. Continue to connect with purchasers after the purchase; it leaves a lasting impression.”

To shop this dope Black-owned small business, visit their website and keep up with them by following them on Instagram

As usual, thanks for reading and supporting Black-owned businesses. It's not a trend---it's a lifestyle.

Until next time, stay amazing.



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