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Brand of The Week: Maison Jouvence

Kick back and relax as we dive into Maison Jouvence, a brand that prioritizes all things wellness!

Hi, there! We hope you enjoyed our previous Brand of the Week and we're honored to bring you another. Today's post is all about self-love and self-care thanks to Maison Jouvence. The mission of this wellness company, founded by Odette Shirley, is to provide to all a "feel-good kind of lifestyle" with items that promote one's well-being, always prioritizing the self.

Odette Shirley, Founder of Maison Jouvence

Before we spill all the deets on the brand, let's provide some background by introducing its CEO, Odette Shirley. Shirley is a mother to 3 adult kids and an entrepreneur. She studied Aviation at Embry Riddle University with a focus in logistics and contract negotiations. She spent close to 20 years in airport management and worked her way up through the corporate ladder all while raising her children as a single mother. During those years, relaxation was out of the question, and although she had a primary career in the airline industry, that quickly changed when she decided to go back to school to learn massage therapy. It's with that skill, she managed side hustles, worked the weekends, and learned the importance of the body, mind, and soul connection. According to Shirley, "I learned how important it was to have [a] balance of all 3 and how taking 'me time' to recharge was crucial to one's sanity!" This lesson proved beneficial for her, having raised children, a career and side hustles. As her career evolved and children grew, she dropped the side hustles to eventually focus on her airline career, but she always kept her "zen" with her! "From my home to my office, anyone who knows me, knows that I'm all about wellness of mind, body and soul. To me, it's about taking care of those 3 things to ensure we feel good, we have less stress and are better people to society," Shirley tells us.

When first creating the business, Shirley's main focus was paperwork and establishing all the behind-the-scenes details. Her corporate experience helped with patience and making sure she took all the right steps; for example, Shirley was able to set up realistic expectations and did not believe things would happen overnight. On top of it all, she had to learn social media. Some of her biggest obstacles were mindset related. She had to tackle imposter syndrome, not thinking she was good enough to pull off such a large project. Shirley expresses, "...Maison Jouvence was my baby, so it was very personal, and I was afraid of it was hard at first. I had to work on my mindset and believe in myself first. I constantly reminded myself that [I] have handled multi-million dollars startups projects and managed large operations so this wasn't any different."

Much of the creative drive behind the brand is reflected by Shirley’s French side. The brand’s name is French, which is Shirley's first language as she is from Ivory Coast (a country in West Africa). She wanted it to be meaningful and represent something, so she chose Maison (home in French) and Jouvence (renewal, youth), making the brand name "home of renewal”. And as for the product designs, Shirley tells us "...I guess I have the knack for designs I never knew I had until the pandemic!"

Continuing with that same subject matter, the world was hit with unforeseen circumstances last year throwing everyone out of balance- and because of it, many people realized there was a need to re-balance. This is where Maison Jouvence comes in. With the increased awareness of self-care and self-everything, M.J.'s message was well received. It is important for Maison Jouvence to let others know and understand that it all starts with self-love, self-care, and a positive mindset! The brand is here with a mission to empower everyone, especially women, and remind them that amid their daily superhero duties, "me time" is needed to keep pushing!

In terms of brand accessibility, Maison Jouvence believes the products don't make the self-care, but rather the mindset first. Therefore, M.J. aims to educate their audience on simple tips that can be implemented every day to greatly improve the quality of life.

Much of the brand's products are a reflection of Shirley and her experience-- to think about what it is she would love to have in her own zen space. As a tea drinker, she started with mugs. Shirley wanted special mugs that were different, glam, and fancy. She expresses, "Yes! Let's normalize luxury!" Then, naturally candles made their entrance. Shirley wanted beautiful, clean, chemical (paragon and phthalate) free long-lasting candles. After conducting research, she decided to use a blend of soy and coconut bliss with certified wood crackling wicks and vegan oils. The best of the best!

Founder, Odette Shirley, representing Maison Jouvence at our ATL popup in May 2021

Maison Jouvence has plans for diversification, currently underway. The next phase in the fall is to launch an array of delicious organic and specialty teas, tea accessories and 100% plush cotton robes. Sometime in 2023, the inventory will expand to include bath items, home fragrances and skincare. When talking business growth, the brand has grown organically, which means no ads were used! Social media, networking and word-of-mouth have played major roles. The plan is to take Maison Jouvence national and emphasize promotion.

Success to the brand is continued growth and elevation- to be able to look back every year and see the path traveled. Shirley's expectation for M.J. is to have items in all households and be the go-to for everything self-care and wellness.

Lastly, as for advice for aspiring business owners, or those just starting out, Shirley writes there's no magic trick- only hard work. Arm yourself with grits and resilience and show up. If you stick to it day in and day out, focus and remain consistent, you will see the fruits of your labor.

Check out Maison Jouvence and SHOP all their wonderful products here as well as on their Instagram! Let's put those dollars to work!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for what we've got next!


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