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Brand of the Week: Waterboyz

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Go on a delectable journey with us as we jump into the Waterboyz's world!

Brrring! Guess who’s calling? Brand of the Week! It’s that time of the month where we introduce a new brand and we couldn’t be any more excited. This week, we’re shining light on Waterboyz: a quality lifestyle brand that sells premium crafted cocktails with the intention of enhancing the party-going experience! They aim to provide each consumer with high caliber, ready to drink cocktails influenced by NYC culture. Each drink creates a delightful, devious encounter from first sip.

Before we jump in, let’s get acquainted with the four members who make up the Waterboyz team: Angel, Billy, Josh (JT), and Kenneth (Ben).

Angel is a N.Y. born, Dominican Republic raised entrepreneur with a dedicated and driven spirit. He has his hands in multiple avenues- working as a barber, planning and hosting parties, and inventing drinks. He uses all his skills, talents, and experience to help the team make Waterboyz a success!

Angel Urena

Billy, the “Tech Savvy Social Butterfly,” is a Brooklyn-born and raised Haitian-Dominican who studies IT/Cybersecurity/Coding. One of his goals is to bring the Waterboyz experience, products and his love for tech and the community together. In his words, “Amidst all the negativity that surrounds us daily there’s nothing like seeing and being a part of a group of diverse people networking, engaging, and connecting.”

Billy Chaperon

JT is a Brooklyn-born Latino with Caribbean and Central American heritage, and is the mad scientist behind Waterboyz. He has a background in health sciences and shares an interest in all forms of molecular mischief. His personable attitude and love for creation helps drive Waterboyz to achieve their creative outlook.

Joshua Talavera

Lastly, Kenneth is a Brooklyn-born Grenadian who studied Psychology at SUNY Old Westbury and received his Master’s in Social Work at Walden University. While working on the business, Kenneth also worked as a case manager in a women’s shelter and currently works with a supportive housing program. His biggest asset is his attention to detail and the fundamentals his educational background brings.

Kenneth Scott Jr. (Ben)

Since Waterboyz provides quality cocktails, they understand there’s a lot of competition. What makes them different from the rest is their experience. They aren’t spectators- standing from the outside looking in- but they’re party go-ers themselves. This is the spark that inspired the brand, in addition to their strong bond as friends.

Getting the brand to its current status was a long, endearing journey. At first, Waterboyz started off as a group of friends who liked to curate enjoyable experiences for everyone around them and make their signature drink, Coney Island Water. However, as time went on and the demand for Coney Island Water grew with each event, they decided to take this venture seriously. Since then, they’ve hosted various events promoting the drink, which gained a loyal fan base. Fast forward to 2020, Waterboyz threw a “Rep Your Flag” event where they debuted three new flavors in addition to their signature drink. From there, their clientele grew, and they gained fruitful opportunities to expand the brand.

Every journey, however, is riddled trials and tribulations. One of Waterboyz’s biggest challenges is getting on the same page. Each team member has a different temperament and unique personality. They would often butt heads due to their opposing viewpoints, but that has also become their greatest strength. They all bring something different to the table and can come together to accomplish a common goal.

The Waterboyz’s biggest win to date is starting the business and winning first place at the Pop of Culture popup. They took first place at their first competition, and it was rewarding to have all their effort, planning, and determination validated. It allowed them to believe their product is worth selling and continue to stay motivated.

Advice they would give small and future business owners is to be persistent, stay focused, and treat losses as learning experiences and adapt. Don't be afraid to READ about the industry and learn from the mistakes and successes of those who came before you. The Waterboyz have learned patience themselves and to let things develop organically. On the flip side, they’ve also learned when to apply pressure. Both ends of the spectrum are necessary to run a sustainable business. Additionally, they revel in the fact they are the sum of their parts- separate they stand strong, but together they’re a force.

Upcoming plans for the brand include adding and creating more quality content and gaining opportunities to increase engagements on all their social media platforms. They also hope to design and create merchandise that’ll help connect them to customers. The future for Waterboyz is BRIGHT! They see themselves servicing more clients, introducing new and exciting drink flavors, and their company being the go-to drink provider for all their consistent and loyal clientele.

Interested in what the Waterboyz has going on? Follow them on Instagram.

Until next time, stay creating!


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