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Let Black Princess Ariel Inspire you to Pamper Yourself Like a Queen

Ok, so we know Halle Bailey is starring in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. But did you know she will be the first Black female to star, in human-form, as a princess in a live-action remake Disney film?

If you thought Brandy held that title for her role in the live-action Cinderella, you thought wrong. The version starring Brandy was not produced by Disney. If you thought Anika Noni Rose held that title for her role in The Princess and The Frog, you thought wrong again. That movie never got a live-action remake, so we never actually saw Anika’s real face in the film. Let’s not mention that the animated princess was a frog for most of the movie and only turned to beautiful royalty at the end. If you thought Beyoncé held that title for her role in the Lion King live-action remake, you were still thinking wrong. We never got to see her real face in that either, since she voiced an animal character. And if you thought Lupita Nyong’o or Letitia Wright held the title for their appearances in Black Panther, you need to think again. Lupita, playing Nakia, was not the princess and Letitia, playing Shuri was not the star of the movie. Mind you, Black Panther doesn’t count as a remake anyway because it is not originally an animation classic from our childhood years.

So, yes, this is a big deal! It’s the first time we’ll get to see a live Black face starring as a Disney princess that we’ve been idolizing since childhood. And it’s making me feel like a kid again. I want to see it as much as all the little girls responding to the trailer on TikTok. Halle Bailey is making me feel like a princess myself.

Ok, but we know not everybody is happy about the news. The trailer has already gotten more dislikes than any other Hollywood film to date. Over two million, to be exact, and it has only been out for one week. This is not surprising since critics have been spewing insults since Halle’s casting was announced over three years ago. Haters assert that Ariel is supposed to be white. The naysayers took to social media to bash the casting using the hashtags #NotMyMermaid and #NotMyAriel. Those of us with sense know it’s just a fiction fantasy, so the character could be any color.

So, yes, it’s important for Black people to show support for the film, celebrating this stride for #BlackGirlMagic and #RepresentationMatters. Not only do we need to support this movie, but we need to celebrate each other, in general. Support each other’s efforts. Celebrate each other’s successes. Support each other’s businesses. I am proposing that we all be influenced by Halle’s rise to royalty and pamper ourselves like princesses too. Or better yet, like Queens. Here are 6 Black-owned luxury picnic businesses that can help you celebrate yourself like the sparkling sovereignty you are. Host yourself a #BlackGirlMagic party and don’t forget to raise your pinky in the air when you sip, do the absolute most for yourself because you deserve it, and be unapologetic about your shine.

Sipnics in the City - ATL

La TAS Events - NJ

Picnics in Cali - LA

Vibe Nic - NYC

Picnics by Peace - DMV

cherry blossom picnic- Lagos

Life can get stressful especially when you realize it's 2022 and people are still out here being racist. We can't always control how others treat us, but we can control how we treat ourselves. Follow Halle's lead and live boldly, despite the world constantly telling you to shrink. Support a Black-owned business and pamper yourself all in one!

Until Next Time, Peace (and Queendom),



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