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Updated: May 31, 2022

It has officially been a month since we announced our partnership with the black-owned media and advertising company, E&J Billboards. If you didn't see it, head to our Instagram page to check out the video. E&J Media billboards is a media company that specializes in getting small to midsize businesses on digital billboards nationwide.

They have access to billboards in major cities like Times Square New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta , Chicago, and more. Owners Erik and Jasmine are shaking up the industry by creating an opportunity for small businesses to debut to their target market and create brand awareness. This is right in alignment with one of the objectives of Pop of Culture, and therefore, the partnership was a no brainer! E&J Billboards is implementing flexible ad campaigns along with business packages that are in reach for a start up business and can be keystone in scaling a business. Erik and jasmine are both serial entrepreneurs so they understand the importance of your marketing budget and the efficiency of a market strategy. Erik Simmons, otherwise known as E Sosa, has grown from just being an entertainer to become a full entrepreneur/mogul with his trap symphony record label, clothing brands, Piege champagne & La Boca tequila. Jasmine Billions developed Dream Less and Go travel company that serves her passion to teach solo travel and life abroad. She is also founder of Base & Accent, an online boutique that houses brands such as Asward Luxe Hookah, Onxy Beauty, and Pique Nique for traveling expat and nomad community. Erik and Jasmine know first hand the excitement and impact on a small business getting their brand on a digital billboard and are dedicated to putting your brand front and center.

Erik Simmons & Jasmine Billions

Here at Pop of Culture, we are always thinking of how to build up our community and offer more value to the brands we work with. That is why we were so excited to form a partnership with E&J Billboards that will impact the brands we work with in a MAJOR WAY! Starting with our Brooklyn popup shop event this weekend and all events after that, brands will have the opportunity to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place prizes based on their overall setup.

The prizes will vary based on the different partnerships we establish in each city, but the following will be applied to every city:

1st Place

-FREE 24 hour digital billboard advertisement in respective city (Provided by E&J Media)

-Brand of the Week feature (blog post and social media)

-Social media recognition

-FREE one day participation in a future Pop of Culture popup shop

2nd Place

-FREE two-day participation in a future Pop of Culture popup shop

-$100 VISA gift card

-Social media recognition

3rd Place

-$75 VISA gift card

-FREE "Create the Culture" tote bag

-Social media recognition

Brands will be selected based on judgement from the POC team and the shoppers that come to the popups! They will be judged on their display creativity, branding, products, and overall interaction at the event. As you can see, E&J Media is stepping up in a BIG way by offering FREE 24 hour billboard advertising for our first place winners. And even if a brand doesn't get first place, they are offering EXCLUSIVE discount codes on billboard advertising and payment plans to brands that participate in our popups.

This is JUST the beginning and we can't wait to see this initiative grow and create more partnerships that'll positively impact the brands we work with. Watch this space and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list.

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