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Updated: May 15, 2021

The category is collaboration, lots of it, and we are so excited about it!! This year we are being very intentional about collaborating with brands that align with our brand image, vision, target audience, and that can add value to our events and brand (and vice versa).

So far, we have two confirmed DOPE collaborations that I want to tell you all about because it is just too exciting to keep in and they will be taking place sooner rather than later (one has already kicked off). You ready? Let's go!


Who is ready for some Paint & Sip vibes at our popups this summer? We certainly are and we are partnering with Paint It Off to make it happen!

Paint it Off is a mobile paint studio that curates unique Paint By Number designs and has partnered with well known artists and photographers to bring their art into the homes of many with DIY creations. Paint it Off started as a fundraiser and has now grown into a paint party brand that specializes in shipping "Paint parties in a box" all over the world. Miesha, Founder and Creative Lead, started this brand because she is dedicated to her community and finding unique ways to bring people together. She believes that everyone has a little Picasso and Basquiat in them and it is her mission to use her brands to help be the spark for their creativity.

We will be working with Paint It Off for all of our LAX popups after June and some NYC popups. We may expand the collab to other cities, but only time will tell. This is going to be an exciting partnership because both Paint It Off and Pop of Culture are all about bringing people together.

Imagine coming to our popups, shopping dope brands, sipping on some fruity cocktails and wine, and having a fun paint session with your friends and new people. Sounds like a vibe to us!


Created by Myah Jackson, The Zeal Life is a fashion media publication, aimed to amplify the visibility of marginalized groups in fashion, art and culture with hopes of pulling us closer to our individual purposes, so that we may lead more empowering lives.

This year, we are working with The Zeal Life to add a little bit of swag to our Atlanta popups and shine light on the shoppers that come out to support. They are doing a "Spotted" feature in which they capture some of the fly looks shoppers have on at the popups. These looks will be shared on The Zeal Life Instagram page and ours. We think this is such a fun way to motivate people to leave the house looking their best while shopping Black-owned brands.

Shoppers from our May 1st popup loved the concept and we can't wait to continue (see some looks below). So to all our Atlanta folks, come out to our popups with your hair done, outfit together, and smile on your face because you may be SPOTTED!

To learn more about The Zeal Life, head to their website.


As you can see, we have a lot in store and we are just getting started! All of these partnerships will help make our events even more exciting, valuable, and attract a larger crowd. To participate in our events this year as a brand, head to our website to apply.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or sponsoring our events, please send an email to with a brief proposal.

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