Become a volunteer

Of course we have another way for you to join the Pop of Culture fam!

We are looking for volunteers to help us on the day(s) of our popups. 

To be a Pop of Culture volunteer, you must possess the following qualities/characteristics:

  1. Positive attitude 

  2. Proactive

  3. Team player

  4. Respectful

  5. Open minded

  6. Enjoy interacting with others

As a volunteer, you will do the following:

1. Help Pop of Culture and the participating brands setup/teardown on the day of the event.

2. Greet shoppers as they come in and handout any gift bags/materials that we may have for them.

3. Post outside of the venue and welcome in potential shoppers that are walking by by engaging in conversation.

4. Check on the brands throughout the event to see if there is anything they need.

5. Anything else that needs to be done that day to make the event run smoothly for everyone involved!

As a Pop of Culture volunteer, you will receive a free t-shirt and/or tote bag and you will get a special shoutout/highlight on our website and social media pages!

Please apply below if you are interested.  Thank you!

Join the POC Volunteer Team!

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